ANTWERP - Dreamland of Fashion // backstage

   This AH-mazing shoes collection!!! is from: Matthias Weber <3 well made :* and beautiful           :)

    Skirts from the Fashion student from the first year!!! <3 really creative ...

Just have a big Smile on my face when i think about my last WE. I spent 2 days with 2 begian bloggers in Antwerp SARAH ( and AFRODITE ( to visit the Fashionshow of the " ROYAL ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS ANTWERP ". Before the Show began, we got Backstage-passes and got a chance to see how things gonna work before the show all will start. Full of excitements and expectations, we 3 ran around and tried to get photos from everything which crossed our way. We were dazzled from the collections of the designers, which very colourfull, extraordinary, experimental and of course professional created. Got helps from professional make-up artists, hair-/ stylists and models the designers/ fashion students were best equipped.  

This lovely <3 outfit was in the collection from: Frederick Adrian Hornof!!! one of my favourite Student... !!!

On the stage, the models were so cool and calm, that nobody in the audience could be realize what kind of hecticness and close to chaos, in the backstage broken out. 
Every collection of every single designers / fashion students was such a big surprise for us. The three long hourly Fashionshow was phenomenal.... The Ideas and creations were so inimitable, the silhouettes and designs were really exciting. It was bold, fresh and very shinny. But i think to get this feeling from the show, you have to be there to feel it. The above pictures, am gonna show you some outfits to get an impression of the show... 

I can´t wait to see the show off #5... <3  Cross the finger and wish more fashion next year :* 2012....

6 responses to “ANTWERP - Dreamland of Fashion // backstage

  1. Love the pics! Although you sat just next to me, my pictures look so much more different! Like from another point of view :D weird!


  2. @Afrodite.. i just thoght it too,.. but luckly i got some good to post :*

    @Raspberry... die show war echt der Hamma... i love the show and i love everything what they designed^^ :*

  3. Wow, that looks really freaky!
    but good

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