Sorry guys, i have to tell you all, that my CAMERA has broken when i was working on my new Street-Style pics and that´s why i could take new pics until i have got a new one. So please forgive me and don´t be angry. I will try to get one as soon as possible and start to take more pics for you all,..
Thank you for your Understanding and see you in maybe a week... or sooner ( I HOPE SO )
ur Tuan Ng.

ANNI - Trendy, hot nurse & fashion blogger from Stuttgart

When i have met Anni and the other bloggers at Fashion Liaison in Mannheim, they just opened my eyes and i know for sure now, that to blog about Street-style and to create Fashion is my life. Such great girls and so pretty... They are my IT-girls.

SARA & ANNI - Two bloggers two hearts + one passion from Stuttgart

Two bloggers two hearts, one passion & one love for their life,...
Each of us has a destiny and even we want it or not, it belongs to us...
Sara & Anni from Stuttgart.

SARA - Passionate blogger & fashion lover from Stuttgart

In Mannheim yesterday was the Fashion Liaison Mannheim and i was there with my friends without knowing, what was waiting for me. Arrived i have met a lot of other bloggers and have talked with them all... Really nice & lovely people
For the first time ever i´ve met her, i was really falling in love with Sara ( She was very charming and her smile pull me away. 
For the few next days, i will post and present you more pics about them..
Have a nice sunday.. ur Tuan Ng.

TANA K. - Fashion student & bon vivant from Pforzheim

Do you want to have a new look? Be cool and hot?? Boyfriend-look is HOT...
Stars like Katie Holmes, Kate Moss or Mary-Kate Olsen have already worn it " Boyfriend-look " .A boyfriend jeans combinates with high heels, forget sneakers. A little bit more trendy, you can use blazer as your Outwear and some easy, cool tops / shirts. As jewelry you can wear a cool necklace to make your Outfit look better. It can never go wrong. So be brave and try it out. Everytimes you can take something out from your B-friend´s closet to create your own look. A good access.

SIMONE G. - works in the Fashionbusiness from Stuttgart

It was a random that i have met Simone at the " Munich Fabrics Start ". Talked to her, i got to know that she also from Stuttgart and works as designer for a company in Stuttgart. I was totally falling in love with her coat and her black boots. Actually i can´t imagine  me in this coat, but on her, i want also have it. I love her look, it seems pretty comfortable and suitable on her. She is definitely well dressed.

FABIO M. - Shopper from Stuttgart

When i was shopping with my friend in Stuttgart, Fabio, this shy guy crossed my way and when i saw him, my inner self told me that i have to make a picture of him. It was worth!!! Thank you Fabio..
Grey patterned cardigan with over-size scarf from Zara give a cozy winter feeling and black skinny jeans, leather boots with Rayban glasses make everyone to look cool & simply good in it...
Have  a cool  NERD-look like Fabio..

HILKA B. - works in the Fashion industry from Hamburg

This Week, when i was at the Munich Farbics Start / 2012. I´ve met a lot of people, but Hilka had been at first glance very special. 
Why her look works. " Tube Scarf " a Must-have in winter combined with a simple upper part and together with tights over Velvet-shorts make a very Adult-like look. A Dolfie or Boots give her outfit a bit more flavor and so can you create a Look like her.
Have a nice sunny sunday. 
Your lovely Tuan Ng.


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